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IKO modifies its high end traditional shingles range… meet the PLUS range!


Meet IKO’s PLUS range!

Replacing the traditional bitumen by APP modified bitumen will grant Armourglass PLUSVictorian PLUS and Diamant PLUS roof shingles with even more high end properties. We will therefore label these CE branded shingles in future with a PLUS.  After all, you will be getting improved quality at same price. The plus range that IKO offers, is a great advantage you can take of!

The advantages of our PLUS range:

  • APP modified bitumen (TÜM certified)
  • Superior quality high grade bitumen fiberglass shingle
  • Exceeds the most stringent worldwide standards
  • Additional UV protection thanks to APP Bitumen
  • Higher flexibility with low(er) temperatures
  • Heat resistant at high temperatures
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Lighter bundles

Because adding APP modified bitumen creates a thicker shingle, we decided to pack the PLUS range in bundles of 2m². This lower quantity of shingles makes the PLUS bundles more handy and manageable. The PLUS range makes your roofing job a bit easier!

PLUS range

APP modified bitumen (TÜM approved)

By replacing traditional bitumen into APP modified bitumen, we assure a better level of quality within the high end traditional part of our range.  Our PLUS range will be checked on a regular basis by TÜM, the Technical University of Munich. This is one of the most notable German institutes of technology, which will allow you to rely on the high end quality properties offered by Armourglass PLUSVictorian PLUS and Diamant PLUS.

Approved by German roofers

The past summer we already tested the PLUS range. We invited several professional German roofers to test these modified shingles and the response was very positive and valuable. Their few remarks we used to fine-tune this roof shingle until we reached the current high quality PLUS range that will meet the needs on the market.

PLUS range approved by German roofers

A shingle for every roof in every climate

Offered in 3 shapes and 5 colors, the PLUS range presents different types of looks for every building project.  APP modified bitumen grants the shingles with a higher flexibility at low(er) temperatures and a better heat resistance at higher temperatures. This means you can install these roof shingles in every environment, going from ice cold Siberian winters to hot African summers. In the hot African sun your roof will be double protected, because an additional benefit of the APP modified bitumen is the higher UV protection

Highest quality APP shingle = Monarch

Looking for even more (APP) quality? Then we would like to remind you about the Monarch and Monarch Diamant roof shingles IKO has been offering for years. Thanks to 1500 gr APP modified bitumen per m² this Monarch roof shingle deserves to be called  “premium range”, and is offering the highest quality available. This Monarch and Monarch  -Diamant roof shingle stays available, without any changes.

Monarch Diamant roof