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When facing difficult roof conditions, IKO offers the “IKO Shingles Torch system”

Thermo AD Roof Concept

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Platinum Guarantee

IKO’s Platinum Guarantee explained

IKO offers you "Platinum" guarantee in the first 5-15 years, where material, transport and labour costs are covered in case of manufacturing defects and after that period a pro rata material costs (Total guarantee).
How to clean roof from algae and moss 2

Removing algae and moss from your roof

When living in a humid area, it’s possible your roof is covered with moss, algae or lichens. They can grow on every type of roofing material: bitumen shingles, concrete and/or ceramic tiles, slates or even painted metal sheets. How to remove algae and moss from your roof.
Cambridge roof spring

Spring roof maintenance

Follow our spring / summer roofing checklist to ensure that your roof is in perfect condition.