IKO Galvanised nails

IKO Galvanised nails - Galvanised nails 5kg - 20mm
IKO galvanised nails

IKO Galvanised nails

No shingle roof without nails. IKO offers hot galvanised extra-large head professional steel wire roofing nails, available in 4 lengths: 20, 25, 30 and 35 mm. 

Advantages of IKO nails:

  • Top quality nails allow durable shingle installation at minimal cost
  • IKO nails do not rust or damage shingles

Product data

IKO nails - 1 kg

Length 20 mm 25 mm
Quantity ± 690 pcs. ± 582 pcs.
Coverage ± 20 m² ± 16 m²
Diameter shaft ± 3 mm ± 3 mm
Diameter head ≥ 9 mm ≥ 9 mm
Zinc coating 300 g/m² 300 g/m²


IKO nails - 5 kg

Height 20 mm 25 mm 30 mm 35 mm
Quantity ± 3450 pcs. ± 2910 pcs. ± 2480 pcs. ± 2150 pcs.
Coverage ± 98 m² ± 83 m² ± 70 m² ± 61 m²
Diameter shaft ± 3 mm ± 3 mm ± 3 mm ± 3 mm
Diameter head ≥ 9 mm ≥ 9 mm ≥ 9 mm ≥ 9 mm
Zinc coating 300 g/m² 300 g/m² 300 g/m² 300 g/m²

Nail Pull Resistance Test

In this "Nail Pull Resistance Test" we will show you how easy or difficult it is to take shingles out of an OSB board. This will show how effective the nails are and which type of nails prevent the shingles from being blown from the roof.

Application instructions

You need IKO nails to fix the underlayment and roof shingles. 
Corrosion resistant nails (galvanised clout nails) 25 mm in length and a head diameter of 10 mm. The shaft should be 3 mm in diameter and barbed.
The nails should sit 19 mm into the roof surface.

Laminated shingles (Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° or Cambridge Xpress) and nailing of hips and ridges require nails 30 mm in length.

Proper fastening is essential for a good roof. Drive the nails straight so that the nail heads are flush with, but not cutting into the shingle surface. Always nail 2,5 cm above the cut-out and 2,5 cm from each edge. For correct positioning and nail quantities per type of shingle and roof slope check out the detailed application instructions.

If your roof has a steep slope (>60°) or if you are living in a highly exposed area you will need to use extra nails and Shingle Stick adhesive.

IKO shingle nail
Application shingle with nail
IKO shingle nail
Installing flashing
IKO shingle nail
IKO galvanised nails
IKO galvanised nails
IKO galvanised nails

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