IKO Armourbase ECO Underlayment

IKO Armourbase ECO Underlayment - Armourbase ECO Underlayment
IKO Armourbase ECO Underlayment

IKO Armourbase ECO Underlayment

On all pitches, IKO recommends that an underlayment must be used underneath the roof shingles.

IKO Armourbase ECO Underlayment is an economical, good quality underlay and comes with 50 m on a roll.

Product data

Dimensions (l x w):  50 m x 1 m
Surface: 50 m²
Thickness: 0,6 mm
Weight / roll: 19 kg - 20 pcs/pallet
Tensile strength length (EN 12311-1): 380 N / 50 mm
Tensile strength width (EN 12311-1):  310 N / 50 mm
Elongation length (EN 12311-1): 30 %
Elongation width (EN 12311-1): 40 %
Cold flex lower surface (EN 1109): - 40°C

Application instructions

Install as flat as possible to prevent unevenness from being projected in the shingle surface. Install parallel to the eaves.

Slopes 9,5°- 20°

use IKO Armourbase ECO to provide a double coverage of underlay to the roof deck. Cut a starter strip 50 cm wide and lay succeeding courses fastened with 50 cm horizontal laps and 30 cm end laps.


Slopes 21°- 85°

The entire roof deck should be covered with IKO Armourbase underlay or an approved shingle underlay.
The underlay should be installed parallel to the eaves with a min. 10 cm horizontal lap and 15 cm end laps.
On all IKO Armourbase underlayments there are 10 cm lines on the rolls for easier overlapping.
Secure the underlay with only enough nails to hold it in place.

Armourbase ECO