Coiled Nails BOSTITCH

Coiled Nails BOSTITCH - Coiled nails - 25mm
Coiled nails - 25mm

Coiled Nails BOSTITCH

Be faster and save time and money! The roofer applies shingles 10 times (!) faster with a nailgun filled with coiled nails in comparison with loose nails.
IKO supports fast roofers and offers coiled nails from BOSTITCH available in 2 lengths: 25 and 31 mm.

Product data

Coiled nails BOSTITCH:

Length 25 mm 31mm
Quantity 7200 pcs. 7200 pcs.
Coverage ± 205 m² ± 205 m²
Weight 12,65 kg 15,10 kg

Advantages of these coiled nails:

  • Top quality universal nails 
  • for use in pneumatic nailgun of any brand
  • for very fast shingle installation (10x faster!)
  • with a zinc thickness of 8 microns
Coiled nail for nailgun

Application instructions

Coiled nails can be used for fixing IKO Roof Shingles very fast.
Laminated shingles (Cambridge Xtreme 9.5° or Cambridge Xpress) and nailing of hips and ridges require nails 31 mm in length.

Proper fastening is essential for a good roof. 
Drive the nails straight so that the nail heads are flush with, but not cutting into the shingle surface. Always nail 2,5 cm above the cut-out and 2,5 cm from each edge. For correct positioning and nail quantities per type of shingle and roof slope check out the detailed application instructions.

If your roof has a steep slope (>60°) or if you are living in a highly exposed area you will need to use extra nails and Shingle Stick adhesive.