Vertical integration IKO granules

Vertical integration

The IKO Group is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of bituminous waterproofing and residential roofing products. 
Bitumen roof shingles are IKO's primary business. IKO strives to be a global expert in roofing and waterproofing, by offering world-wide quality and diversity. Vertical integration is part of this high quality process.

Vertical integration IKO asphalt tanks

IKO controls the processing of all its strategic raw materials and has bitumen oxidisation facilities at all its plants.

Vertical integration guarantees that IKO customers will get the most consistent and high quality shingles available on the market.

Vertical integration IKO granules

With over 20 production facilities throughout North America and Europe, IKO has become the world leader in the manufacture and supply of bituminous waterproofing products.

European based IKO Sales International produces +/- 70 different shapes and colours of shingles.
The European range of shingles is produced with a glass fibre mat inlay, as specified by the European norms.

Vertical integration IKO fibre glass