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Why can a new roof fail? 4 reasons explained

A new roof is a big investment for your home. But what if, shortly after the installation, your roof starts showing signs of failure? What can be the reason of new roof failure?

The following topics illustrate the most common reasons of roof failure.

Poor installation/workmanship

Your new roof is only as good as the way it has been installed. The main reason of basic roof failures is bad workmanship. Faulty roofing installation is often the biggest cause when problems arise. When you see the roof is poorly installed, you can expect even more problems to arise later on. So make sure you get your roof checked when in doubt. That way you can avoid leaks, moisture damage or structural disrepair in the future. Want to know how a roof should be installed?

Poor workmanship causing shingle roof to fail
Poor workmanship causing shingle roof to fail

Read our Application Guide or take a look at our installation video.

Failing to install flashings

Flashings are thin metal strips you’ll find on certain parts and corners of your shingle roof. Their placement is far from a coincidence. Their function is to protect the parts of your shingle roof where water can easily intrude the roof. Without flashings, your roof suffers a higher risk of extensive water infiltration and moisture damage. This can cause your new roof to fail.

No flashing

Missing flashing causing shingle roof to fail

No flashing

Missing flashing causing shingle roof to fail

Correct flashing

Correct installment with flashing

Choosing the cheapest materials

When choosing your new roof, trying to save a little amount of money can cost you a lot later on! Especially when you cut down your budget for the material and select the cheapest price. It is essential to understand that selecting the low-cost version of items like the underlayment or sealant may save you some money in real time, but in the end it will surely cost you a bigger amount for the entire roof repair might be facing. IKO offers different types of high quality accessories suitable for a wide range of roof types.

Wrong nails

Wrong nails used in shingle roof

Incorrect underlay

Wrong underlay and staples used under shingle roof

Use IKO accessories


Insufficient ventilation

Your new roof might fail immediately if it doesn’t have proper ventilation. By having balanced intake and exhaust openings on your attic space you keep your roof healthy and you make sure it is never too cold or too warm. Furthermore, installing some healthy attic ventilation will prevent your roof from forming annoying ice dams after heavy snowfall. But also during the summer season installing proper ventilation keeps your roof in good condition. It helps avoiding a build up of the heat and moisture in your attic space. So make sure your roofer addresses ventilation in your home and inspects the attic space!

No ventilation on shingle roof
Ice on shingle roof
Snow on shingle roof

So even if you have the most flawless, strongest roof shingle the roofing job still needs to be handled with care. If the job is not done correctly, your roof can fail. A properly installed roof takes time and money. It’s a big investment in your home and family, but it is an investment that has to be made. Therefore choosing a trained roofer or contractor is a very important thing.

Tip: Understanding the reasons why a new roof can fail will help you hire a skilled and reliable roofer who will leave you confident in the durability of your new roof!