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5 reasons for you to choose IKO roof shingles

Why would you choose IKO roof shingles?
Well, an IKO shingle roof provides a number of clever advantages that make IKO Shingles the ideal roofing material:

  • Extreme weather resistance
  • Lower budget in comparison with conventional roofing materials
  • Noticeably stylish
  • Naturally safe
  • Perfect insulation

Extreme weather resistant

IKO roof shingles are extreme weather resistant to any type of weather. From polar temperatures through to tropical heat, moisture and wind.

  • The fibreglass base is very stable
  • The exterior is extremely durable
  • The covering granules provide the ultimate form of protection
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Low budget roof

If you have a low budget, than a light roof structure makes a great difference in the construction of your home and in your wallet.

A new roof with a low budget:
When compared to conventional roofing materials, shingles are much lighter in weight and more flexible, without compromising quality levels at all.

IKO roof shingles are very quick and efficient to install, as their light weight simply adds to the superior quality and they can easily be placed over the existing roof construction with renovation projects.

With an IKO Shingles roof you save money: roof parts like hips and ridges are cut from the basic shingle tabs. You do not need to spend money on expensive accesorries as you will have to with other conventional roofing materials.

And as for later roof maintenance: labour and costs are reduced to the absolute minimum. Absolutely low budget friendly!

Noticeably stylish

Ecological roof

The lightweight of an ecological roof with shingles, provides a positive ecological effect:

  • Ecological roof reason 1:
    The transport weight of the material is light, which results in a much smaller impact on the environment.
  • Ecological roof reason 2:
    The various ventilation systems in the IKO programme create optimum air circulation and insulation, both of which are good for your health and result in lower energy bills
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  • Noise insulation:
    IKO roof shingles absorb a great amount of noise caused by rain and hail on a roof, making IKO shingles the superior option for noise insulation when compared to other materials.
  • Vermin insulation:
    It is also much harder for vermin to penetrate shingle roofs, providing additional protection for your attic.


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