Cambridge 49 on vertical wall

Why is the Platinum Warranty so unique in the industry?

Platinum warranty – the longest and most comprehensive shingles guarantee

IKO shingles premium platinum warranty is a unique concept in the shingle industry. 
In case of failure, it covers not only the replacement of the roof shingles but also of the costs of labour, waste disposal, transport, etc. 
Every cost is covered in this 100% warranty for your complete roof.

It applies for all IKO Shingles manufactured in Slovakia from Superglass (5 years) to the top roof shingle Cambridge Xtreme laminated shingles (15 years).

Our Classic Shingles are covered by a 5 years platinum warranty.

Our High-End Traditional, Shield and Premium ranges have 10 years.

The Laminated Shingles have 15 years of platinum warranty.

After that platinum warranty period, IKO covers the material costs with a traditional digressive 15-30 years total warranty (depending on the type of roof shingle), just like any other supplier.

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Platinum Guarantee